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Change Management

Applying practices through projects or concrete situations for a successful implementation.

Team Development

Through on-the-job team coaching or training sessions with the approach for long lasting impact. 

Individual Coaching

For existing and future leaders at every level of an organization. Helping to achieve personal and career goals.

Tailor Made Solution Design 

Five step approach to achieve the desired results:



Initial meeting to discuss your needs, define goal and scope of the effort.



Interview of selected stakeholders to gain understanding of the current situation.



Design of a tailor-made solution that fits the context of your business situation.



Roll out of the plan                          


Evaluate and Learn

Evaluation of impact and sharing future recommendations

Get in touch when

  • Your company needs to solve complex cross-functional challenges
  • Your different functional teams need to collaborate more   
  • Your business is going through change that needs to be managed
  • Your team is facing challenges with motivation or energy
  • You want to successfully implement an organization transformation
  • You find it necessary to dedicate extra effort throught team or company leadership change
  • You are implementing a new business strategy
  • You want to improve results of your company
  • You have leaders that will benefit from having a mentor
  • Leader that wants to better leverage people’s potential

About me

Martina Balazsova
Leader, facilitator, mentor and business woman

• Keen on delivering results and passionate about every project
• Critical thinker able to quickly assess situations to find solutions 
• Effective in understanding organizational and teams’ behavior  
• Easy relating to people    
• Flexible and adaptable to what situations and jobs require 

Professional Background 
• 20 years of business development, sales and marketing experience
• 15 years in leadership roles across different cultures, functions and organization levels
• 8 years of consulting practice
• Certified change leader and culture change facilitator, MBA and Master of Economics


Having Martina coaching me in my career took me to achieve much more than what I was expecting professionally. Of course I had dreams and wishes, but Martina made it possible to accomplish by structuring my behaviour, way of thinking, challenging me to think and react differently and perceive results in my actions. Besides, she did really helped me to take best decisions according to my values which brought satisfaction and sense of doing the right thing, not only for me but for the company I work.

I have engaged Martina's services several times. The first time was in helping our department define and write our Value Proposition. This started by taking a deep dive at the competition and going through a series of exercises to really refine this for the long term. The part where Martina set this up differently was in how she then developed a package to bring it to life for communicating to several audiences (internally, externally) and developed a short interactive training model.

Martina is one of the most inspirational leaders I came across in my career. Visionary yet pragmatic, persistent yet flexible, demanding yet 100%+ human. Always setting an example, getting things to the next level and truly walking the talk. Regardless of the project, Martina will always reach absolute excellence in its execution. She has a unique ability to drive, motivate and get teams fully committed to a strategic goal. She is a true leader who creates a strong impact in everything she deals with.



+32 472 332 879

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